Low Pressure Threadless Connector

The Intellectual Property for the Low Pressure Threadless Connector was purchased by Fluid Power Design Solutions following the closure of  Europower in 2011.

Following rigorous in-house and independent external testing and OEM validation this connector has been used successfully by global OEMs since 2007 with over 2.6 million individual connectors being in use. OEMs have reported labour savings in excess of 60% when compared to the time required to pipe up production machines using conventional threaded connectors. Going 'direct to port' with this connector eliminates the need for threaded port adaptors.

Current applications include:

- Oil cooler lines (transmission and hydraulic)

- Pilot Lines

- Air Conditioning

- Fuel Lines

- Lubrication

- Hydraulic low pressure and return lines        


Click here to see a short video clip showing how quick and easy it is to join mating halves together using the Low Pressure Threadless Connector.

For a data sheet showing the sizes and pressure rating of the Low Pressure Threadless Connector click here.

For a .pdf presentation of the Low Pressure Threadless Connector click here.


ISO 9001 : 2015 Certificate Number 290302018 and ISO 14001 : 2015 Certificate Number 290312018