Design Capabilities - Including In-house 3D Printing

In order to ensure a cost effective design Fluid Power Design Solutions operate 2D and 3D CAD software and in-house 3D printing. Any designs generated can be subsequently be shared across a number of platforms and exported as various file formats to enable, for example 'rapid prototypes', 'manipulated tubing', or 'form tools' to be made. Any 3D designs generated can also be imported directly in to the OEMs CAD model, ensuring that your part meets their requirements, prior to the prototype build stage. Doing so will give you 'technical approval' for when the part goes in to production.

Whether you are looking to provide a bespoke unit, or provide a solution on a mass production basis it is vital that the parts you design and supply can be manufactured in a cost effective manner. Using a combination of CAD, theoretical and practical experience in a wide range of manufacturing methods Fluid Power Design Solutions will ensure that parts are designed such that they can be manufactured and assembled in a cost effective manner.

Due to the fact that files can be shared electronically across a number of software packages it enables Fluid Power Design Solutions to operate either at, or away from your premises.  This not only gives our clients the opportunity to reduce overheads by utilizing an external design establishment, but also means that design work can be undertaken outside of normal business hours at no extra cost to our clients.  Our current working day is scheduled to accommodate a broad range of time zones, covering Europe, Asia and Central Central America.


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