Design for the Environment

Fluid Power Design Solutions is dedicated to being a leading design consultancy within the fluid power industry, combining quality of technical knowhow and service, with a commitment to reducing the adverse impact of manufactured products on the environment, considering the product's total life cycle - from raw material acquisition, through manufacture, distribution and use, to final disposal, (from the 'cradle to grave').

Our commitment is to provide 'leak free' hydraulic solutions, eliminating leaks of hydraulic fluid, which by its nature is harmful to the environment.

This philosophy addresses all environmental impacts of a product throughout the life of the product, without unduly compromising other criteria like function, quality, cost and appearance.

This approach identified three broad areas of environmental impacts that can be reduced through different green/ecodesign approaches:

Energy (e.g. design for energy efficiency)

Materials / Resources (e.g. design to use less material, recycles material, or renewable materials; design for reliability, ease of manufacture and longer life)

Pollution / Toxic Waste (e.g. design to avoid use of toxic, hazardous, or ecologically damaging chemicals or material)



For a copy of our Design for the Environment statement please click here.  


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